The Structurmarine benefits

Expertly designed marina layouts will
generate financial savings for your project.

Aluminium structure technology

Aluminium structure technology

Stability, Resiliency

Thanks to Structurmarine’s founder, Yves Lépine, who introduced aluminium marina technologies to North America in the 70’s, aluminium pontoons have become the industry standard in high performance floating structures.

The strength of aluminium technology is its resiliency combined with its flexibility which provides superior stability in an environment that puts pontoons under constant and considerable stress.

Site analysis

Site analysis

Environmentally friendly solution

Part of knowing how to build a marina is knowing where to build it.

Understanding the natural elements of a site is essential to layout optimization and selection of anchoring methods while respecting environmental regulations and best practices.



Lower cost solution, Do not corrode

Aluminium pontoons can withstand waves up to 1.8 m (6 ft). Marine alloys, even unprotected, do not corrode in the aggressive, hostile environment of saltwater and sea air – the metal natural oxide film neutralizes the effect of corrosion. We have a proven track record with our marine grade aluminium pontoons in ocean salinity varying from 3.2% to 4%.

Marina layout

Increase your revenues

Experience matters, especially when it comes to optimizing the boat capacity of your project while ensuring ease of manoeuvring in the marina.

The ability to accommodate a greater volume and size of boats increases your revenue.

Anchoring solutions

Lower cost solution, Flexibility, Versatility, Low maintenance

The anchoring method has a direct relationship with the type of pontoons and its environment. Unlike conventional concrete systems, the versatility of aluminium pontoons allows for less anchoring, making them invariably more economical.



30 year minimum life cycle

Structurmarine aluminium pontoon systems are designed with a proven 30 year minimum life cycle.

All project engineering is done in house including the selection of materials and the implementation of proprietary design features such as our unique roofing system.

Design & Aesthetics

Design & Aesthetics

Luxurious, Elegance, Excellence, Aesthetic solutions

It is in the area of design that the superiority of Structurmarine’s product is equal to its engineering excellence.

An example is our elegant innovative roofing system. While enhancing the aesthetics, it protects from extreme solar heat and withstands local wind and wave conditions.



Turnkey solutions


Structurmarine’s crew has completed over 1,500 marina projects around the world, some approximating $10,000,000 (US). In order to insure warranty specifications, we supervise all aspects and stages of construction/installation.

Our people<br>Our Strength

Our people
Our Strength

Expert team

Structurmarine supporting staff includes experienced and qualified professionals in engineering, material procurement, transportation logistics, on-site technical support, project management, aluminium welding and machinery.

It allows us to successfully undertake and execute prestigious marina projects worldwide.

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