Entretiens / Maintenances

Entretiens / Maintenances

If the conditions of each site vary considerably and that each of the marinas is unique, one quickly realizes that the level of maintenance required for the various projects must be adapted accordingly. Pontoons, gangways, access bridges and other marina equipment are subject to continuous movement, weekly maintenance is required to keep the marina safe and increase its longevity.

At Structurmarine, we offer a marina visual inspection service that covers the following points:

  • Gangways and their connections
  • Main dock & Finger dock
  • Anchoring systems (cable, chain, or others)

During the inspection, structural elements made of aluminum, wood or other components will be evaluated. Each of the welds analyzed as well as the anchor attachment points and the buoyancy inspection. An analysis of the inspection is sent to our offices and our expert teams will write an inspection report sent to the marina.

Daily and preventive maintenance are simple ways to keep things running smoothly and identify problems before they become critical. However, if following the inspection report, there are defective parts or to be replaced, we will then submit a proposal to the customer.

There is natural wear and tear, but many damages are caused by natural events such as hurricanes, strong winds, ice and others. Our after-sales service, in either case, will be happy to assist you.