Yves Lépine


You’re sailing across the Atlantic. Halfway between the Old World and the New. Nothing but waves, sky, stars. You’re thinking about the second part of the race. You’re thinking about teamwork.

I’ve skippered 12 transatlantic races. Been sailing competitively for over 30 years. My partners are all sailors, too. For me, nothing focuses the mind like the high seas. And nothing makes me appreciate the value of dependable teamwork more than not being able to see land.

After three decades of developing anchoring solutions and building marinas around the world as a member of a team with over 150 years of cumulative experience in the business, for clients small, large and really large, I can report that I’m truly, exceptionally proud of the Structurmarine team.

Oh, and there’s another vital thought that being in the middle of the grey Atlantic always underlines: Nothing is ever too efficient or too well made. Words to live by.

Yves Lépine


Yves Fontaine

President, R&D Engineering,
on innovation

I’m known to the world as an engineer, but I’ve always thought of myself as an innovator, an inventor. Nothing thrills me more than to design a new component for an anchoring solution or a marina that’s in the early phases of the design process here at Structurmarine.

The world’s most reliable aluminium floating structures and anchoring solutions – this isn’t the kind of equipment you build with off-the-shelf elements. Very often my department is called upon to develop a new component, a new module, a new system of some type. From scratch.

For 35 years, this has been my undertaking and that of my crew. Our solutions to engineering problems, I’m proud to say, are part of Structurmarine’s success and industry dominance. I’ve witnessed many of the industry’s most meaningful and important advancements.

Yves Fontaine


Karl Giroux


I’ve been fascinated by naval architecture and the design of all things nautical since I was a kid. I used to love to draw yachts. Today, all my work is inspired by the visual vocabulary of naval architecture – the curves, the arcs, the taut lines. You could say that I approach design from the sea.

I view great design as a responsibility, a promise to my clients. But my team and I know that design is of course more than aesthetics. Every Structurmarine dock, every Structurmarine marina has to look as inviting as ideal sailing weather – perfect in every way. And it has to be as strong and reliable as a top-quality anchor – perfectly trustworthy and steadfast, no matter the conditions.

Today, a third of a century into my career and over 1,500 marina projects to my credit, I know that my teammates and I have fulfilled a lot of promises to a lot of clients.

Karl Giroux

World renown

Lucille Lasalle

Vice President International Sales,
on Structurmarine’s reputation around the world

I’ve only been in this business for 30 years. By my colleagues’ standards, I’m a late arrival. Still, in those years, as the on-the-waterfront person for an industry-leading multi-million-dollar builder of docking facilities for leisure boating, I’ve worked in the waters of the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

Structurmarine’s floating pontoons and marina docking facilities are considered the standard around the world. A very telling aspect of the business is that my team’s products are favored by owners of mega-yachts. High-end boaters who can afford the very best – demand Structurmarine.

From project feasibility studies to installation and commissioning, Structurmarine’s commitment is to build, deliver and install your docking system – whatever the location, whatever the budget – with our world-wide reputation built into every last feature.

Lucille Lasalle


Andre Lepine

Technical Services Manager and Technician in Construction,
on doing business around the world

In over 30 years in this field, I’ve worked with scores of local partners around the world supporting our services, and been involved in the installation of hundreds of marina projects.

Our standard of craftsmanship, of luxury, of engineering innovation are known to boaters in countless harbours of all sizes and types around the globe. The crew has built installations throughout the Americas, in Europe, the Middle East, Turkey and Southeast Asia.

Wherever we build, whatever it is, whoever we partner with to take the project to completion, the result is the same: something the Structurmarine team can point at with pride.

Andre Lepine


Sebastien Guyon

Financial Controller,
on excellence below and above the waterline

I tell prospective clients what I’ve seen around me for the past years: “My Structurmarine teammates undertake $100,000 projects with the very same level of commitment – and the very same commitment to excellence – as when they take on a $10-million project”. The firm is as dedicated to client satisfaction as it is dedicated to the leisure boating industry.

Structurmarine installations of all types – from small public marinas to huge signature projects, from aluminium bridges, gangways and wave reduction systems to 800-berth marinas – are, in one critical way, all alike.

What they have in common is superior quality. Largely thanks to the innovative work of my Structurmarine colleagues, aluminium has in our industry become the material of choice, the benchmark.

And Structurmarine quality begins, as it must, under the water and before the design work. Local conditions are studied and understood, and appropriate solutions are devised accordingly. Quality from “the ground” up, excellence in all aspects.

I am involved with Structurmarine in playing a diverse and complex financial management role. With my extensive knowledge of financial management to budget, audit, and analyze the company’s financial status, I can say that I am continuously focusing on customer’s best interest and the growth of Structurmarine.

Sebastien Guyon

Attention to details

Thomas Lacombe

Designer, Sales Manager - Canada & Northern USA,
on attention to details

My experience as a designer and draftsman has taught me to appreciate every details, everything depending on them, day after day.
I am particularly proud of having participated in the design of several components that are now part of Structurmarine’s broad range of marina systems.
From where I stand, seeing projects take life after having worked on concepts resulting in making our customers’ dreams come alive is very challenging and motivating.  I can appreciate Structurmarine’s team experience, the breadth of its expertise, how my colleagues provide sound design advices, how we pay attention to details, and how we conduct business for the benefits of our clients and their investments.
Thomas Lacombe


Gael Simon

Sales Manager - USA, Latin America & The Caribbean,
on sustainability

Sustainability starts with a client oriented integrated design approach combined with a strong structure that last decades and requires minimal maintenance. It also implies using a modular system that enables our clients to easily relocate components in their marina to adapt their infrastructure to a constantly evolving clientele and appreciate the long lifespan of our products.
At Structurmarine, we strive to make sustainable products made of materials that are recyclable with no adverse effects on the environment.  We provide them at a competitive price with the ultimate objective to please all; the owners, operators, regulatory agencies and end users.
Gael Simon