Signature project


San Francisco Bay hosts one of the densest fleets of pleasure crafts in North America. The strategic location of Emery Cove Marina near the Bay Bridge and its efficient and friendly staff contribute to the popularity of the marina. At Structurmarine, we like to think that we are also part of this success since we were involved in the renovation of 430 slips from 30’ to 60’ for the marina which offers full services for permanent slips and liveboards. The members and management decided few years back that they would rebuild everything with the best available technology and our team offered them what they were looking for.

This project was remarkably interesting because of the challenges that had to be overcome. The renovation was done, dock section by dock sections with boats staying at the marina on temporary docking system, while the management of debris was taken very seriously so that the marina could maintain its Clean Marine environmental certification. The marina has ADA gangway 6’ x 80’, 610-foot long WRS-12 wave reduction system for wave in the range of Hs 2’ and 2 sec. The main dock is 8’ wide with 6’ wide secondary dock sections and rectangular finger docks. The system is anchored with concrete piles in the marina and steel pipe piles on the wave attenuator. 5.5-foot water tidal variation, with water depths ranging from 6’ to 12’. The pontoon system is Structure 80 and gangway system Series 105, with the IPE decking and the marina logo on mooring cleats, the final touch is not far from perfect.

It took 26 months of completion from contract signature to final delivery.

Operated and managed by Emery Cove Yacht Harbor