The Fox Point Docking Facility located at the Savin Hill Cove, near the University of Massachusetts Boston, is a year-round, multi-use facility. The basin protects against bad weather and offers a depth of 80 feet.

The floating docks system support two single level pre-engineered buildings of 14’ by 40’ each, with full services. The main dock is 30' wide with 10' and 8' wide rectangular fingers. The floating system is designed for storm waves of 5 feet and a tidal variation of 16.5 feet.

A 6’ x 100’ ADA gangway with winch system and the ADA switchback gangway system were installed as well as a security door and security lighting. Added to this is an inclined platform to serve a sailing school. The design of the entire site was planned for a versatile mooring system. The facility is anchored with tubular steel piles.

The dock system is designed to accommodate a variety of boats from canoe & kayaks to charter 60’ vessel.

Operated by the UMASS Boston