Lake Mendota is located in Dane County, Wisconsin. Covering an area of 39.4 km², it is the largest of the four lakes that surround the city of Madison. The Edgewater Pier, a waterfront destination offering one of the only public access points to the heart of the city's downtown.

Because the floating docks are exposed to potential 3-foot occasional storm waves, the docks are connected to the wooden pier that juts out onto the lake, Structurmarine fabricated two 20' long aluminum access gangways including handrails and wave protection guides. These provide access to two sections of perpendicular main docks, then to 50-boat slips. All with a composite wood deck finish. The dock anchoring system is on belay anchor lines and concrete anchor blocks.

The project, completed in 2015, is stored during the winter period and returns to its place in the spring. This full-service marina is also a place for pop-up dock parties, live music performances and personalized boat tours. A place where boating and life enthusiasts gather to enjoy the facilities and the lake view.