New trends in international marinas management – Montreal Boat Show

New trends in international marinas management – Montreal Boat Show

For the third consecutive year, Structurmarine sponsored a brunch-conference at the Montreal Boat Show 2020. International trends in the management of marinas were presented by Gaël Simon, Ambassador of Structurmarine since 2017 as well as sailor, instructor and consultant at Stratégie Nautique.

The first subject to be tackled is the eco-responsibility of marinas which is felt all over the world. In some countries, new laws are passed in favor of green marinas. There are also voluntary programs in place for today’s customers who have expectations; from easy-to-use selective sorting to flawless oil management. We observe in various marinas, the cleaning of floating waste through collecting boats, filters with submersible pumps, bubble curtains, even drones that locate and then collect the waste.

Always in an environmental spirit, the accessibility to marinas evolves with the integration of public transportation, the addition of cycle path and bicycle storage which invites a new clientele without cars. Millennials will certainly influence the boating and marina markets in the years to come. No longer wanting to own boats, for reasons of capital, maintenance or to maintain their global professional mobility. This type of profile will therefore seek to rent, live an experience and return a boat.

At the same time, marina management technology and software are becoming more efficient. Automated billing and ease of communication with members, the ability to interface with social media and online performance indicators in real time, all of which are significant for better administration.

Trends in the infrastructure of marinas take into account more frequent extreme weather events. Keeping in mind the use of new materials with a better environmental footprint, such as composite wood (recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fibers), float systems (floatation foam permanently encapsulated), and aluminum (recyclable material) which gradually replaces wood and concrete.

Certainly, marinas must constantly adapt and renew themselves. The evolution of their clientele, their loyalty through social or sporting activities, the sharing economy for short-term accommodation or boat rental and then the environmental impact are current international trends.